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Should I use a Professional Photographer?





And here’s why…


  1. 1. Professional property photographers are just that! Professional! They have knowledge and understanding of photography which means they will produce quality images.  

  1. 2. Images used in the marketing of your property are the first thing a potential buyer or tenant will look at; you must make an impact in the first moments of contact.  

  1. 3. The photographs can be featured in online marketing, social media marketing, signboards, flyers/brochures.  

  1. 4. Professional images can be used for future sales and property management not just a one-time listing  


It is suggested that a potential client is 60% more likely to click into a listing that has professional photography. So how do you choose a photographer, given the extent to which the photos can be used?  


Do your research! Search online or ask your agent if they have a recommended photographer. Check out portfolios or social media accounts for the photographer and chat to them! The photographer is coming into your home so you need to be comfortable with their personality and attitude, and reassured they’ll be respectful of you and your family’s wishes.  


Our preferred photographer Tiziano says “a landlord must attract as many tenants as possible. Today’s technology shortens attention span and therefore you have a small window to capture the interest of potential tenants/buyers and entice them to click into the advertisement, professional photography does this!” 




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