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Pets in Rental Properties

There's no doubt that many Australian's are pet-lovers, with their furry friends simply a part of the family for more than 60% of the population. However, only around 10% of all rental properties in QLD allow pets, with landlords fearing their rental property will be damaged or infested with pests.


What are the current guidelines for having a pet in a rental property?

In QLD, a tenant can only keep a pet in a rental property if the tenancy engagement states that it is allowed. It is common for the agreement to include a clause stating that tenants must have the property fumigated upon vacating. This provides reassurance for landlords who fear their property will be damaged due to pets.


There are many benefits for landlords who allow pets in their properties, lets explore them below.

1. You open up a larger rental pool- Considering the rate of pet ownership in Australia is so high (62%), by allowing pets you significantly increase your chances of securing a high-quality tenant.


2. Faster re-letting periods and lower vacancies- Quite simply, a bigger letting pool = more quality applications! Pet owners are also known for preferring a longer term rental period too.


3. You may be able to increase rent- Research shows that pet-owners are often willing to pay more for their rent, due to the scarcity of rental properties that allow pets.


4. Elimination of hidden pets- Tenants secretly keeping pets in a rental can create big headaches for landlords and property managers.  By allowing pets and including them in your tenancy agreement, you provide yourself a layer of protection when it comes to ensuring a specialised clean is conducted upon the tenants vacating.


Tip: Consider getting an insurance policy that covers pet damage.


At the end of the day, allowing pets into your rental property will be a personal choice, however there are many benefits waiting for landlords who open doors to our furry friends.


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