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Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance


Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!  


As a landlord and a tenant, maintenance can be daunting and sometimes confusing. What are the time frames and when should I report maintenance? Do I wait for a small problem to become significant? How urgent is the maintenance? These are all questions that can pop into your head when dealing with maintenance.  

Luckily your property manager is there to help navigate and organise these items throughout the tenancy!  


Firstly, it is important for the tenant to understand at the beginning of the tenancy how to report maintenance requests. At Property Boutique we provide a printed welcome pack and a short video which explains this process. It is important that any maintenance requests are in writing and provide supporting images if possible. This ensures your maintenance request can be processed. Most agencies will not accept a phone call conversation when taking maintenance requests. Secondly, as a tenant don’t be shy! You are responsible for the property while you are living here, and you should report all maintenance as it pops up. If you're unsure, report it anyway! Our agents will note the urgency and it gives the landlord an opportunity to decide if they want to address it or not at this time.  


As a landlord, communication with your agent is essential! If your agent is sending through maintenance requests (big or small) a quick email reply that you have received this makes a significant difference. This allows us to re-assure the tenant that the maintenance is not being ignored. We recommend having all maintenance attended to in a timely manner. After all, this property is your investment, and you want your investment in the best possible shape! A well-maintained property is far more likely to provide a premium rental return and attracts the best tenants.  


The RTA provides great information regarding the ups and downs of maintenance which you can read here.




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