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Is your agent completing routine inspections?


Is your agent completing routine inspections?


When it comes to routine inspections, most people think it would involve a quick walk through to make sure the property is clean and tidy, and they would be right! But there is so much more our agents do at a routine inspection.

This is a time when our agents can check for maintenance that may have gone unnoticed or unreported, it’s a time to check that tenants are all on the lease agreement, that pets are approved, that the property is being looked after and when tenants are home; an opportunity to connect with them and get any concerns or feedback face to face.

Our agents at Property Boutique use a PropertyMe, an excellent software that allows them to take photos, make notes and create the routine inspection report all from their phone while at the property. No trying to remember or trying to merge information back at the office. This also allows access to the tenant and property file on the go which enables them to check any outstanding maintenance or requests while in the property. We have also created a checklist for items that may go under the radar such as:        

               -    Checking that stored cleaning products are not leaving stains in cabinets

               -    Checking build up of mould and scum in showers and around taps

               -    Dirt accumulating in tracks of windows

               -    Checking the condition of hot plates and oven for burnt material that may cause permanent marking or damage

               -    Checking inside of cupboards with sinks to ensure there are no leaks or water damage

               -    If the lawns are taken care of

At a recent inspection, our agent noticed what looked and felt like water damage on the lounge room wall. Although it was only a small patch noticed, the agent knew there was a great potential that the ensuite shower on the other side of the wall was the cause. It was swiftly reported to the owner that day and the owner was able to have this attended to immediately. This is the type of vigilance an agent needs when attending routines as the tenants had not noticed the water patch and this issue could have become a major problem for both the tenants and the landlord.

If you feel like you are not receiving this level of service with your current property manager, feel free to call us on 1300 20 55 70 for a free appraisal!



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