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Could You be Earning More?



An even better question - HOW Could You be Earning More?


With the current market moving at the speed of light, you might think there is not much more you can do to increase the earnings on your investment property.

The market is doing the work for us right?


There are plenty of things you as a landlord can do, and we as property managers do to ensure you earn a premium return.

One of the ways our agents help you achieve the highest rental return is to look at the most sort after elements of a rental. We can do this by researching key words used in search engines when looking for rental properties and by noting current trends in ‘must haves’ that previous potential tenants of our properties have requested or enquired about. One of the current trends that continuously comes through our office and key word searches is pet friendly properties. We strongly encourage our landlords to consider pets on application as this often attracts a bigger application pool as the current pet ownership sits at approximately 62%.

Another way a landlord can capitalise on their rental return is by adding inclusions to the tenancy agreement. We recently leased a property that provided pool and lawn care which proved to be a hit with potential tenants viewing the property and allowed us to achieve an amazing price result for the landlords in just a week.

Other small suggestions to earn more include, keeping on top of maintenance required at the property, ensure your agent reviews the market regularly and use the current boom to your advantage, and if your property is going to be new to the rental market, consider some small renovations like fresh paint or fresh carpets.


If you think you could be earning more from your investment property, Property Boutique is here to help. We want your investment to reach its full potential! Contact our property management team today on 1300 20 55 70 or email [email protected] for your free appraisal.


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