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Changes in Legislation - Do you allow pets?


Allowing a pet in your property can be beneficial!


Late in 2021 it was announced that there would be changes to the legislation regarding negotiations of allowing pets in rental properties.

The new legislation, that is yet to come into effect, requires the owner of the property to respond in writing to the request within 14 days of the tenants request to keep a pet on the property. If the owner does not respond within 14 days, the request will be deemed to be approved.

The owner will also be bound by the legislation regarding refusing a request to keep a pet. Some reasons that an owner will be allowed to refuse a pet include, lack of fencing or open space, unacceptable risks to health and safety, if keeping the pet is likely to result in damage exceeding the value of the rental bond or if keeping a pet will breach laws or by laws.

With furry friends being considered part of the family for more than 60% of the population, there is no doubt that allowing pets can be beneficial to a landlord. It can open a larger pool of applications, provided a faster re-letting period, potentially higher rent and it will eliminate hidden pets.

With the new legislation looming, we have a few top tips to allow peace of mind.

1.       Consider getting an insurance policy that covers pet damage

2.       Ensure your property manager is completing regular routine inspections and noting any potential concerns or damage pertaining to the pet

3.       Ensure that all pets are approved and on the tenancy agreement


If you would like to know more or want to keep updated on the changes in legislation you can do so here

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