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Are you interested in leasing your property?


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At Property Boutique, we understand that each property is unique and therefore the way we market and lease the property can differ.

For every new property that comes on board with Property Boutique we have checklists that are completed and timelines that are created based on the landlords needs. Having a checklist and timeline to refer to not only ensures every step of the process is completed on time, but it also provides peace of mind to the landlord that we are on top of our leasing game.

A prime example of our level of service at Property Boutique is demonstrated in our recently leased high end duplex pair in Broadbeach Waters. These properties came to us before the build was finished and required strategic planning to lease the pair.

There where a few things we needed to take into consideration for these properties.

  1.    We couldn’t provide real life images for marketing
  2.    We couldn’t show perspective tenants the property immediately

Our leasing manager Jana worked closely with the landlords to create a marketing campaign using detailed plans of the properties and using examples of finishes from a previously built property that she knew would be like the new builds. Jana also created a lifestyle video to promote the property, showcasing the stunning Broadbeach Waters and its offerings.

From here, we began to generate leads. For these leases it was important that our agents provided exceptional care in finding the right client for the homes. Jana personally spoke to each perspective tenant to ensure the duplex was a good fit for them and likewise the tenant was a good fit for the landlord. For these properties it was a requirement for any prospective tenant to have an accepted application before we could provide a hard hat walk through of the properties. We also required specific clauses to be included in the lease agreement for the start date as we needed to ensure the tenant understood that the build time could differ from the most current dates we had.

And our service didn’t stop there! As our landlords where unable to attend the builder’s handover, our agent attended for them. We also organised professional photography and videography of the new homes and cleaning prior to the tenants moving in.

This is a demonstration of the dedication and level of service Property Boutique can provide!

If you are interested in renting your property and you are not sure where to start, give us a call today on 1300 20 55 70! 


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